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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steak/Roast Beef Sandwiches

It may seem strange to have a recipe for a sandwich - and I know none of you like "stuff" on your sandwiches yet (notice the 'yet"?) - but maybe some day some one will want to make a hero/sub. I didn't know how to make these when I was 18 and someone showed me how to recreate the subs I loved. If you are 18 and someone makes you one of these, and you spend 2 hours eating it while sitting on a car outside a sub shop at 2 am watching how it is done, you won't need this recipe ...

1 6 inch Italian sub roll
This used to be easy to find - it should be crusty, but not terribly crumby, more chewy. The roll should feel light for its size, if it feels heavy the sandwich will taste too bready - the bread is merely a shell for the fillings, not the main event!

Roast beef or leftover steak
The meat should be still pink in the center, sliced as thinly as possible

Other cold cuts - if you make the sandwich with other meats - one should be thinly sliced Genoa salami - which is also useful if you have crappy store bought roast beef ...

Mayonnaise - Hellman's only!!

Lettuce - thinly sliced iceberg

Tomatoes - the best you can get, they need to be red, juicy, and better over ripe than under ripe, thinly sliced

Italian salad dressing - Seven Seas Viva Italian or vinegar and oil with garlic, oregano, etc.

Cheese - optional for me - but traditional - baby swiss is good

Onions - sliced - again thinly - you can do without these if you like
Slice bread in half - if the bread seems too thick, pull out some of the crumb to leave a shell. The bread should not exceed the amount of the filling.

Slather with mayonnaise, both sides, and don't be stingy!

Layer with meat, then a layer of cheese, if you are using some

Next, a layer of tomatoes, topped with the lettuce and onions.

Sprinkle lettuce and onions with salad dressing - or sprinkle in bowl before adding to sandwich.


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