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Friday, March 31, 2006


Forward to the Second Edition

For those of you who are uninformed this will be a new, improved and revised edition of a cookbook I wrote in 1992 when I was bored at work and needed to thing of something unusual as a Christmas Present.

I’m not quite sure why I’m doing a second edition, except that it’s been 14 years since I wrote the first. Everyone is older, and I hope wiser (this means that hopefully they will entertain the possibility of being more adventurous in the culinary arena. After all, hope springs eternal!).

Firstly, I don’t have my copy of the original any longer and I wanted to have one. Secondly, I have devised some new recipes and stuff in the past 14 years and I might as well keep a record of them somewhere, here being as good as any other.

I attempted to keep this edition as close to the original as possible, both in content and style. However, time and technology don’t stand still so some things may appear different (meaning I didn’t have to spend hours drawing freaking onions with Paint – I can find a picture and past it in!).

At any rate, here it is – use it, enjoy it, revise it, toss it in the trash – I have no idea if this will be the last edition, or the best, but it’s done and it was fun!


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